Clockwork Ant

Alec Holmes - Android Contractor

Location: Remote, Bournemouth, London, Southampton, Reading



Since 2009 I've been involved with Android in a variety of positions; as Team Lead, Mentor, Consultant and Developer on various teams ranging from 1 to 15. These positions provided experience in working remote, onsite, freelance, contract and permanent.

I'm adaptable; having worked on greenfield and legacy applications in many domains: ecommerce, loyalty, fintech, custom devices and electronic points of sale.


My belief is that when working with legacy products, a light touch is needed in order to preserve existing functionality whilst fixing and adding feature. When working on long term greenfield projects, an approach of maintainable, readable code is important. Conversely, when working on prototypes, sometimes it's more important to get it built rather than engineer an app that will last a lifetime.


I can be found in person monthly at an event I started hosting in 2014 called Mobile Dorset. The event aims to bring together people in the local area who have an interest in mobile tech; from hobbyists to career developers, designers and managers. We talk about recent changes in mobile each month, share opinions, and on occasion host speakers (including myself).


I prefer to work remotely from my home office 3 days a week as I am most productive in this environment. I find tools like slack and zoom really great for staying present in the team. I’m happy to travel into another office 1-2 days a week and the ideal commute time is under 2 hours from Bournemouth.


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